Monday, May 19, 2014

Roaming Around Rome

        Yesterday Mia, Anna and I painted the town red, roaming here there and everywhere around Rome. It was. Or last day in the city and we had it all to ourselves to do whatever our little hearts desired. First we went back to the Spanish Steps to climb to the top and take in the full view. Next we were off to the Trevi Fountain again, of kicks and giggles. After that we made our way down to the Circus Maximus, where there happened to be a Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. That was cool to see! And by see I mean we were clueless tourists in the middle of this massive event. Mia went to see the Mouth of Truth while Anna and I sat on an adjacent park bench, soaking up the sunshine and beauty of the city. By the time that was through it was time to start thinking about lunch. On the way back to the metro we happened upon an enormous rose grader with hundreds of colors and varieties of roses! Upon exiting we saw a lovely bride and groom being photographed in the piazza. We made our way back toward restaurants and hit the jackpot: delicious Italian food at a good price.
        The rest of our day included souvenir shopping, selfies, gelato, The Pantheon round two, a fantastic final dinner with the group while soaking up our last moments together, cards with friends, and laughter. Lots of laughter.
        Thanks for the memories, Greece and Rome May Term 2014!

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